Dave has always considered playing live to be the ultimate in self-expression.

In the studio you can tweak and fiddle to your hearts content to get the perfect performance, LIVE, you have one chance only, blow it and its all over.


The Ruthless Brothers are an exciting blend of Rock and Ska, featuring songs from Bob Marley, The Specials, Madness, Bad Manners etc to Pink Floyd, Santana, Bon Jovi and the Stones. Classic rock meets classic Ska!

With Dave on guitar and vocals, and Tony Ardin, ex Bad Manners on sax they mix it up like nobody else can. Normally working as a two piece, they can when budget and space allows, expand the band to a 5 or even more, and even change the songs to suit a wider audience as in the "Party Party" video

Take a listen to to To the Ruthless Brothers

Shine on you Crazy Diamond
Too much too young
Rebel Rebel
Paint it Black
Lip Up Fatty
Blues Brothers Medley
Baker Street
Wild World


1967 Rock music from the summer of love peace and napalm. A four pice rock band playing songs from Fleetwood Mac, Gary Moore, Cream, The Who, The Doors etc plus a few originals. If you like heads down boogie music, you will love 1967!

Take a listen to 1967

Black Magic Woman
Love Me Two Times
Knocking On Heavens Door