The official web site of Multimedia composer Dave Howman

Dave’s film credits include The Life of Brian, Wind in the Willows, The Meaning of Life, Journey to the Moon, Chemical Wedding and The imaginarium of Dr Parnassus.

Dave has composed music for many TV shows including Boo! BB3B, One foot in the grave, Himalaya with Michael Palin and New Europe.

Composing Film scores, TV themes, Jingles, Musicals and now computer games have made Dave Howman one of the most versatile composer/musicians working today.

Jurassic Park and The Mummy are two films that Dave did not compose anything at all on, although he does in fact have the videos which he bought from Our Price Records for whom he composed a number of Jingles.

Dave changed his name to Hoover Attachment in the 70’s but soon found that being a household name and being recognised all the time was too high a price to pay so he changed it back.
His influence on fellow composers has been huge. Here are just a few unsolicited quotes.

"Makes my stuff sound like music...almost" Stockhausen

"I’m sorry, could you speak up a bit" Beethoven

"Himmel, Das ist gut" Mozart

"He’s got one of my guitars" Leo Fender

Monty Python has ceased to be
Ruthless Brothers live