It has been my enormous pleasure over the years to work with the following:

A Productions
Barratts Liquormart
Brian Blessed
Suzy Quattro
Mike Berry
Cliff Richard
John Cleese
Michael Palin
Eric Idle
Terry Jones
Terry Gilliam
Graham Chapman
Richard O’Brian
EMI Records
BBC Radio
Decca Records
Mike Vernon
Golden Earing
Abbey Road Studios
Ray Cooper
Eric Sykes
Peter Cook
Dudley Moore
Terry Thomas
Kenneth Williams
Bob Hoskins
The Sweet
Leslie Grade
Warner Bros
Schwartz Spices
Chipping Norton Studios
The Marquee Club
The 100 Club
The Whiskey Agogo
La Cage D’or
Morgan Studios
Olympic Studios
Bert Weedon
Vince Hill
David Hasselhoff
Phil Lynott
The Boyfriends
Wish Films
Harry Secombe
Brian Johnson
Bruce Dickinson
And many more.

Wind in the Willows 1996 every song
Every Sperm is Sacred - Complete
Life of Brian Opening Animation
Mumbo Jumbo! Yet to be released film starring no less
than seven classic British actors.
Brian Blessed, Richard O'Brien, Nigel Davenport,
John Inman, Brian Murphy, Joss Ackland
and Sylvester McCoy